Megachurch Tech on a Microchurch Budget


Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who is the Diva?

A: Good question! Here’s The Diva, in her own words: “My name’s Jessica.  I’m a Worship Arts Pastor from Southern California and the Chief Creative at Mahan Media.  I’m passionate about God and communicating His love to a lost and dying world.  I also really enjoy gadgets and techy stuff.  I’m a fan of the San Diego Padres and Chargers, regardless of their inability to have any kind of consistency or reliability in their seasons.  I have the worlds cutest dog, Walter, and a pink laptop (pictured below).  I’m a PC, but know that I’ll have to share heaven with MAC users, so I try to play nice.

You can find me on facebook and twitter or pinterest or email me here.”

Q: What’s ChurchTechDiva all about?

A: It all started on a sunny Saturday one August. Whilst listening to a syndicated technology show on local talk radio, The Diva became frustrated at the partial answer given to a volunteer at a small church who had a question about video streaming their services.  As she began to answer the question to the emptiness of her trusty SUV, a lightbulb went off inside her head.  Wait! This is what was needed: a website where small- and medium-sized churches could not only get answers to common technology questions, but they could receive guidance on how to utilize technology in the same way large churches do, without sending the Finance Committee into shock.  After finding out which domains were still available, was born!

Q: Can you come help my church with _________ (random technical problem)?

A: Because most of the team here at ChurchTechDiva is involved in regular ministry at their churches, we really understand the everyday technology challenges your church faces.  We do offer in-person consultations in the Southern California area, and virtual consultations to the rest of the United States.  For more information, email us.

Q: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

A: 24 mph

Q: Did you make all of these questions up?

A: Yes.