Megachurch Tech on a Microchurch Budget

Dear Diva, Vol. 1

Dear Diva Slider

Dear Diva,

How do I convince the Finance Committee to crack open the church checkbook for a wireless router?


Pastor R. Warren

Dear Rick Pastor Warren,

You guys still use a checkbook? Wow! I didn’t know those still existed.

Just kidding!

Before you ask your Finance Committee to spring for new tech, there are a few things you should do:

  1. Define the Need
    Technology for the sake of technology is rarely appropriate for churches.  Technology needs to serve the needs of the ministry, not the other way around.  Ask yourself what purpose this tech serves.  Don’t limit yourself on this one, either.  If you want a wireless router so that congregation members can access their tablet and smartphone Bible apps during Sunday’s service, that’s great.  Just make sure you Do Your Homework.
  2. Do Your Homework
    Find out how much this new piece of technology will really cost.  Make sure you take into account the price of installation and the price of any accessories.  For example, if you’re looking for a new wireless router for general congregation consumption, make sure you also take into account the price of increased bandwidth from your Internet Service Provider so you can handle all the new traffic.  Also make sure the specific product you’re sourcing has good reviews and reliability (I recommend’s review section, and our own CTD Product Reviews, of course).
  3. Get Creative
    This doesn’t mean go behind your Finance Committee’s back.  This does mean that you should try to find ways to accomplish your goals without utilizing a ton of resources.  Do you have someone in your congregation who recently upgraded their home router?  They might be willing to donate their old router so that you can test out the new tech without a big initial investment (just make sure it’s in good condition, first).
  4. Be a Good Steward
    At the end of the day, you have the responsibility to be a good steward of the resources with which God has blessed your church.  Don’t be frivolous, but don’t be stingy; in our information-driven world, tech is becoming more and more essential, especially for churches.

Remember, the Finance Committee is not the Enemy. Small churches (and Finance Committees) have been conditioned over the years to believe that technology is only necessary and available to the big churches.  That’s not the case, especially in the current technology market.  Strive to first make wise investments in your congregation and community, pray over the decisions that you make, come prepared with answers for the questions you’ll get, and you’ll win over that Finance Committee’s heart (and pocketbook!)

Happy Board Meeting!

The Diva

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